Casey Raiha is a Seattle-based actor, singer and voiceover artist. Through close collaboration, Casey designs, develops, and produces unique recordings to elevate and enhance his clients’ projects, tailoring each recording to suit the client and project’s specific needs. If your project needs an experienced voice actor to bring it off the screen, page, or stage, your search ends here.

Demo Tracks

Classical Training

I am classically trained in voice and speech. I bring my years of experience into every project, every role, with a dynamic focus, and a dedication to create compelling stories and products with my technical savvy and precision.


I am invested in bringing to every project the right sound. The means the right emotion, pitch, tone, intention, accent or dialect. The more specific and relatable I can make my voice, the better we can bring the audience into this character, this world we’ve worked together on.


In addition to sharing my voice, I can also share my expertise. I offer a variety of services to help define and design a project. This includes Directing, Vocal Coaching, Dialect Coaching, and even Public Speaking. I believe in honoring the original vision, while adding to it.

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